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Clara’s search for magic review

A little while ago I sent a book out to the fantastic Winging it With Harper for review. Not long after, this amazing woman messaged me to say that at bedtimes Harper asks for ‘Ara as her bedtime read. It is genuinely one of the most rewarding things anyone has ever said to me.

Now, after a load of hard work, WIWH has a beautiful new site on a new host and her review of Clara’s Search for Magic is the maiden post.

Please go and have a look, follow her blog and leave a comment if you will. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a Clara giveaway she will be doing soon.

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Clara’s search for magic review

Im thrilled that Yeah Lifestyle agreed to take some time and review my book baby Clara’s Search for Magic. The review is honest and unbiased, they aren’t afraid to point out if there are flaws, and for that I am grateful! My biggest thrill is that their children loved Clara and her magical world.

Here are some of the lovely things they had to say;

  • Madeline read the book on her own and then again to her brother. Anouk loved it so much so that she re-told it to straight away.
  • The book is a nice addition to our collection and will be easily read again at bedtimes.
  • We loved that the book shares of the idea that if children dream enough they will achieve what ever they desire.

Check out their full review here.
Clara is available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle and can be downloaded on Kindle Unlimited.

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Time to introduce the world to Clara. She is the hero of my children’s book, coming out this month. 

Another big thing ticked off the bucket list this year. I hope you will all love her and her adventure. 

You are all magic.