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2019 dog friends

A wholesome post for the start of the new year. All the dogs I officially met in 2019.

1. James – terrier lab cross, pats

2. Alfie – rescued chihuahua, very shy but likes pats

3. Max – Spaniel, doesn’t like shopping, pats

4. Cookie – 5 months old, very fluffy, no pats

5. Noodles – Maltese poodle cross. Likes chin scritches, misses his mum. Fluffy pats

6. Manuka – 4 months shepherd cross, lots of cuddles and kisses.

7. Toby – yorkie, pats

8. No name puppy – just been picked up, met her in a train station

9. Evie – border terrier. Came into the office (on her way to the beach). Wants to meet EVERYONE! Lovely pats.

10. Bodie – rottweiler husky cross. Looks like a rotti, but one of his eyes is ice blue. Beautiful daddies boy. 13 months. Chunky pats.

11. Heston – James Close’s dog so fluffy and sweet. Have lots of kisses, scared of the car handbrake! Major highlight.

12. Eric – terrier. Sweet boy, very distracted by my lunch.

13. Pepperoni – datchund. Cute but doesn’t want to play.

14. Oliver – springer spaniel. Happy boy, just ate sausages.

15. Arnie and Doug. Actually cows rather than dogs, but pats and licks regardless… Made me very happy to have cow friends! But one did try to eat my cardigan.

16. Teddy – Richie’s new bedlington puppy. Curly pats!

17. Alfie – new guide dog trainee. First day out meeting people. Sleepy pats and licks.

18. Luna – 2yr old dutch shepherd crossed with whirlwind. Full of love and exuberant cuddles

19. Tara – 6 Yr old German shepherd. Not always friendly, sneaks up for stealth pats.

20. Marley – 12wk border collie. Soft and fluffy pats.

21 & 22. Suzie and Summer – 11 year old cocker spaniel ladies who enjoyed all the pats for over an hour. Awesome day! (and again when we had to return!)

23. Hayle – 14week chihuahua puppy. I got to hold him. He gave me kisses and nibbled my fingers. I am in love.

24. Darcy – border terrier cross puppy. Pats.

25. Colby – 3 years golden lab. Beautiful temprement, loves attention in a well mannered way

26. Buster – dog at Ace Target sports. Supported me to my axe throwing victory. Loves to be fussed and sit on your feet. Prone to climbing into strangers cars (not ours). Really hates the cows over the road because he thinks they’re stupid.

27. Ollie – 8 year old collie. Loves to fetch his toy sheep. Smart pats!

28. Ted – VS puppy. All the fluffy pats and licks. Did try to eat my earring, would forgive him everything.

29. Shark dog twins – friendly pats in passing. Nice girls who look fierce.

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A 30-something writer finding her feet and exploring the world through the written word, photography and painting. Published her first children’s book in December 2017 and hoping for more adventures and accomplishments. Often clumsy, never regretful.

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